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Popularly known as the controversial artist who is misunderstood by the elite society but loved by the public, Bernard Buffet is one of the best 20th century artists. The Bernard Buffet paintings are easily identifiable due to their trademark dry straight lines. Many believe that the sad clowns and unique angular characters have paved the way for the international success of Bernard Buffet. As a result, there are many shows dedicated to Bernard Buffet lithograph paintings perhaps because many people identify and relate with his art.

Most of Bernard Buffet paintings are figurative, central, and graphic in their composition. Being a member of the anti-abstraction group that went by the name L'homme Temoin (the Witness man), Bernard Buffet paintings are mostly representational art. At a closer look, you will realize that his art revolved around conceptions of death, pop culture, politics, sexuality, and art history.

As his painting career grew over the years, there are now over 8000 Bernard Buffet art works in museums and over the internet. Because of his acclaim and popularity in the Bernard Buffet lithograph works of art, there are dozens of international exhibitions and honours with Bernard Buffet gallery of paintings. This ensured he got inducted into the Academie des Beaux-Arts in the year 1974.

The Bernard Buffet original works of art still exist, and you can get them online. Some of the Bernard Buffet original works that are on sale include:

La Maison Rouge

Bernard painted it in 1964 to symbolize the post-war movement. You do not need to wonder whether the painting is the original copy because you will get a photo certificate of authenticity once you purchase the painting.

The painting has dimensions of 81.3 cm and 129.5 cm, which make it a great addition to your living room or bedroom. The medium of the piece of work is oil on canvas and is actually signed and dated by Bernard himself.

La Maison Rouge captures an orange mansion with black rails, window frames, and fences. The sky appears to be light blue, but no sunshine is shown. There are several trees surrounding the house.

Toreador en clown

Painted in 1966, the painting is one of the famous clown paintings of Bernard. Its size is 129.5 cm by 88.8 cm. If you are a fan of clowns, then you may love the painting. Just like most of his paintings, the medium is oil on canvas.

Toreador en clown was painted during the post-war era by the controversial genius. The painting contains Bernard's signature, as well as a date.

The clown dominates the painting and has a conspicuously long neck and arms. He also fits the entire frame of the painting and is in a green jacket with yellowish and bluish markings over a white shirt and a black tie. The clown has orange hair and appears to be standing upright, looking straight ahead.

Nature Morte au fond Rouge

This Bernard Buffet art is classified under the contemporary art movement, and it was painted in 1998. Its dimensions are 81.3 cm by 116.8 cm. Like all the other works of art, it contains Bernard's signature on the upper left part.

It displays a table with green vegetables and fruits that are red, yellow, and blue in colour. Also featured on the table are some blue utensils. The table is next to an orange wall.

The prices of the paintings are provided on request, so ensure to scroll through the Bernard Buffet gallery of paintings to select the one you like most before asking for the price.

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