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contemporary art

Contemporary art is defined loosely to mean any art that was produced in recent times; which is to mean any art that was produced between the end of the 21st century and the beginning of the 21st century. Finding contemporary art online is not an easy task. Finding an online website that does more than provide a platform for listing art for sale is even harder. The ideal website should not only provide buyers and sellers with an online marketplace, but it should also provide for a catalogue of contemporary painting pieces which art enthusiasts can use to explore and appreciate these works. The ideal contemporary art gallery should also feature a diverse listing of works by contemporary artists, whether they be the works of an upcoming artist who just started out in the field or the time hardened, world-famous modern masters paintings. Collectors of contemporary painting pieces should also find a home in such a platform, a place where their curiosity and preferences are well displayed.

Pop Art

A form of contemporary art that developed in the mid to late 20th century, pop art features works that depict the evolving popular culture, primarily in the United States. It features application of intense colours to depict emotion and applied the most forward technology available at that time. Pop art was a consequence of capitalism, which advocated for a consumer society that is responsive to change in trends. The online art gallery should feature pop art in its contemporary art catalogue.

Street Art

Street art is art that has been created with the sole purpose of public consumption. It is done in public places to increase its uptake by the public. Though sometimes defined as activist in the sense that it usually does not have the approval of government officials, street art developed in Philadelphia to become one of the most vocal forms of contemporary art.

Sculpting works

Though not contemporary in its very definition considering that it developed eons ago in medieval times, sculpting works done in the contemporary age is also a form of contemporary art. The contemporary sculpting artists used different materials in their art, ranging from wood, bronze to steel and in different diverse dimensions. Art for sale in online art stores should also feature art by contemporary sculptors.

Conceptual or Impressionist Art Gallery

In an attempt to stand tall and different from previous era artistic works, such as cubism, contemporary artists invented conceptual paintings, which were different in process to modern masters paintings. The difference between the two exists where the idea behind the creation of a particular artistic work takes precedence to the actual art in conceptual art. The planning of the actual execution, the emotional state of the artists, the preceding events that occurred to inspire the artist to commission his art are all factors highly placed in conceptual art. The display presented should include an impressionist art gallery.

The contemporary clown: Towards a new approach to the art of clowning
Contemporary art is often described as abstract and bizarre for a novice who considers exhibitions to be incomprehensible and useless.

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